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Mother Shares Tragic Story To Prevent Alcohol Poisoning Deaths At Briar Cliff

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By Staci DaSilva

She tragically lost her daughter to alcohol poisoning in 2004 and Wednesday night, Patty Spady came to Briar Cliff University to share her story.

She's been coming for years to speak to Briar Cliff freshman about the dangers of excessive drinking.

Her daughter, Sam, was a normal college sophomore when a night of binge drinking turned fatal.

Patty Spady points to the change in the style of drinking, specifically in college, as the real culprit. Because for her, one night of partying has turned into a lifetime of remorse.

Patty Spady said, "Our life has forever changed. I'll always have a hole in my heart. Things have gotten easier as time goes by but, a part of me is missing."

Sam died after her friends left her in an empty room to sleep off the alcohol.

That is now one of her mother's main talking points: to never leave a person alone if they have symptoms of alcohol poisoning.

Patty has started the Sam Spady Foundation...a resource for information on detecting alcohol poisoning and preventing deaths like Sam's.

To learn more about it, visit

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